Trenches – John De Gruyther

They dug trenches into the earth
Green and pleasant land just a space needed
to build great idols of war
Sixty blackbirds perched in a tree and when the tree imploded the hypocrites agreed what a tasty treat it must be, now the savages are free
Free from the perceived construct of terror
Terror the Manual written in 5 easy conquests by the British Empire
Trenches instead of orchards, bayonets instead of tractors, send people into the ground for the lives of others and the death of self
The blood they shed fertiliser to make new flowers grow, so there’s a flow, a cycle of never ending violence
Bang, bang, slash, burn
Oh how the little blackbirds yearn for simple silence, that’s all there should be into eternity, silent except for the sound of your own gentle breathing, that’s believing in life.

John is an author, poet, songwriter and visual artist. He has delusions of grandeur and wishes he was Johan Cruyff. John has worked with Titan Publishing, Star Trek Magazine, The Guardian, LSG Media, The Citizen, SFX magazine and many more. You can read more of his work at The World Outside the Window.


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