School Boy Crush – Mush from the Hill


I have a confession to make

It’s hard to say face to face

Don’t want you to kick up a fuss

Don’t want to be put in my place


It’s about the way I’m feeling

I know the feelings taboo

But I have a school boy crush

And I’m sorry to say it’s for you


I know the risk I’m taking

The potential to lose a friend

But soon we’ll be moving on

Something I cannot mend


I know there’s nothing between us

I know there will never be

But I have your picture in my mind

Something I will always see


So please remember years from now

A school boy’s confession and adieu

Who believed in some other universe

There could have been me and you


Copyright © JRFC August 2018

John is a Welsh poet from South Wales. He gets inspiration from many of life’s moments with a whole load of imaginative nightmares and daydreams thrown in to spice things up a little. You can read more of John’s work at The Mush from the Hill.


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